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Name - Ramesh Kumar

Age - 37 Years

Occupation - Driver


Testimonial - " I was experiencing low back ache and tingling since 6 months, i was not able to to drive car since a long time, i have shown myself to number of Orthopaedic Surgeons and they all gave a conservative trial for the same and had no relief, then i was told about Dr. P Singh, i consulted him, he briefed me about the surgery and post operative rehabilitation protocol, i was assured i was in safe hands, i underwent the microscopic decompression surgery, and the same day was taken into walking, my pain was relieved and i was discharged the next day, i am happy now as i have resumed my job and am completely relieved."




Name - Rahul

Age - 30 Years

Occupation - Medical Resident


Testimonial - " I consulted many orthopaedicians for my Low back pain, and was advised for decompression surgery, i heard about Dr. Singh's expertise and consulted him, he counselled me for conservative trial first, which didn't relieve the pain, then, decompression surgery was planned, i was introduced to patients with similar problems, who were operated by him. They really were satisfied with treatment and the provided facilities.


My surgery was planned and

Was successful, i am now, happy and pain free."

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